Episode #17 Rimfire Solutions for Your Centerfire Carry or Competion Pistol: Part 1 Glocks

Today we embark on a series of shows to cover both conversions and clones of popular centerfire pistols. We start out with three solutions for Glock owners.

For conversion units take a look at:

Advantage Arms

Tactical Solutions

YouTube Videos for the TSG-22

YouTube Videos for the Advantage Arms Kits

For a stand alone pistol, take a look at:

The ISSC M22

M22SD for sale (for example only; No affiliation with Bud’s Guns)

YouTube Videos for the M22

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Episode #13 Shot Show and a Rimfire Shotgun

In this episode I start off talking about the ads on the right hand page of the website.

Jim Downey published his book, Communion of Dreams, which is now available from Amazon.com as a Kindle Book. I highly recommend it. Thought provoking science fiction!

Then I talk about a couple of rifles that were seen at Shot Show.

STG 44 in .22lr

Another link to a blog post

M1 Carbine in .22lr

Remmington 514 Smoothbore 22 Shotgun

A Forum post on rimfire shotguns.

Lastly we end the show with some music from a band called Madison Rising.

The song is Right to Bear, and is some great Pro-2cd Amendment Rock Music

You can find their album here on iTunes or on Amazon.com.

Their website is http://madisonrising.com/.


Episode #5- .22LR For Self Defense

In this episode, I talk about some reference material that could prove helpful in deciding if 22 LR fits into your self-defense needs.  Listen for the new reading and listening segment at the end in which I mention reading Jeff Cooper’s book, The Art of the Rifle.



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