Episode #26 Rimfire Roundtable #1

On this show I was lucky enough to round up three guys uniquely qualified for the first ever Rimfire Roundtable. We discuss what we would like to see come from the firearms industry regarding rimfire, better supplies of ammunition aside. I hope you enjoy our discussion and let us know your ideas too.

Two of the guests you have heard on TRP before:

Jim Downey is known for his contributions to the Firearms Community through his work at both Ballistics By The Inch and Guns.com. He’s also the author of some great books outside of firearms that can be found here: James Downey on Amazon. You can also check out his one of his blogs at Communion of Dreams.

Matthew McLatchy can be heard every week on Slam Fire Radio, a show you definitely should not miss.

We were also really lucky to have Grant Cunningham, author, Master Gunsmith,firearms trainer, and fellow podcaster on the show for the first time. His blog is GrantCunningham.com. There you can find links to his books on Amazon, his gunsmithing, and training. Please check him out on The Gun Nation Podcast, as that is a show not to be missed either.


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