Episode #24 Making your range ammo count.

Today I ramble on a little bit about trying to find rimfire ammo, my prototype Lonewolf Timberwolf Compact Frame, the Advantage Arms .22 conversion, and some tips for making the best use of your rimfire ammo at the range.


Federal Automatch
Timberwolf Compact Frame (side note, I know that Lonewolf is working to fix the magwell issues that were on the prototype I received for testing.)
Appleseed Targets

The Three Page PDF targets I specifically refer to:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Training Courses I would like to bring to Colorado (Let me know if you’re interested)

Video that may be of help to shoot the Appleseed AQT:

Scoring an AQT

Finally, here are a couple of useful apps if you have an android phone:
Appleseed AQT Score
Appleseed Timer

Episode 23 – The Guerilla Radio Episode

This episode was actually recorded a couple of months ago with Brian from the Politics and Guns Podcast.
We talk about some AR-15 stuff and what he saw at Shot Show 2013 in Rimfire.
Sorry for taking so long to get this episode out.

Show Notes:

CMMG 22 Conversions
CMMG 50cal Muzzleloader
PWS Woodland Series AR-15s
Beyer’s Barrels
Slidefire Stocks
Kel Tec PMR-30
17 Winchester Super Magnum
Rock Island Armory XT 22/45 1911