Asking a Favor

Hi! This is Kim, Ken’s wife. I’m just here to ask you for a favor. I am trying to win a grant to get certified to teach American Tribal Style bellydance. This will help me (and Ken, actually) because it’s a portable career that I can bring with me wherever Ken gets stationed. You can vote for me by clicking here:

Vote here! loveourlocalbusiness website

After you click, wait for maybe 5-10 seconds and it will fade to my vote page.

If you’d like to know more about why I’m doing this, you can visit my website, Just click the site name and it’ll bring you right to it. If you’re really into helping me, there is also a link where you can donate to my certification fund. It won’t hurt my feelings if you can’t donate though, I know everybody’s broke as a joke right now.


As Ken pointed out on facebook, you can vote more than once. I have until December 3 to try to get the most votes, but voting will continue until December 21 so it would really help me if you continued to vote the whole time. You are *more* than welcome to share this link, and my story, anywhere you think it would help, too, like on facebook, twitter, forums, whatever. I’m currently about 200-300 votes behind the frontrunner, but not too far behind everyone else after that, and there are five winners.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and thanks for listening to my husband’s podcasts. His computer is down right now, because something something hard drive something (I don’t pretend to know techie stuff), and we don’t know when we can afford to fix it so he’s trying to work it between his iPhone and my PC until we can buy him another Mac. SO…don’t hassle him too much about when the new ‘cast is coming out, haha.
Thanks again!


Episode #5- .22LR For Self Defense

In this episode, I talk about some reference material that could prove helpful in deciding if 22 LR fits into your self-defense needs.  Listen for the new reading and listening segment at the end in which I mention reading Jeff Cooper’s book, The Art of the Rifle.



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